Popular Chinese Cuisine is Blended into Modern Chinese. Featured are Culinary Servings of Japanese and American Chinese Cuisine.Chef George Wong is the owner of the Chop Stix Restaurants in Brooklyn, New York City. Chef Wong offers a unique blend of modern Chinese and Japanese cuisine with a choice of popular American Chinese dishes. It is a gourmet feast for everyone in the family.

Chef Wong's inspiration came from years of working in the restaurant business as a young immigrant from China. He worked as the jack-of-all-trades for his uncle in a large restaurant in Fort Lee, NJ. From those early beginnings, he saw that Chinese dishes were basically the same from one restaurant to another. The desire to gain further knowledge of different gourmet styles made him enroll at The Art Institute in New York City. He was fortunate to train under some of the best chef instructors in the country like Chef Michael Vignapiano, Chef Eric Pellizzari, and Chef Frank Costantino. He excelled and earned an AOS degree in Culinary Art and Restaurant Management with Honors and received a presidential award with a 4.0 GAP score.  After graduation, he continued his education at the Culinary Institute of America at Hyde Park New York. He was mentored by acclaimed Southeast Asian chef, Chef Robert Danhi. From there, he began to experiment with different styles and came up with a modern style of Chinese culinary dishes.  During the last few year , chef George Wong had participate in many Culinary Competition, and won over 2 dozens of medals at the ACF approved culinary competitions and at the prestigious Salon of Culinary Art Javits Center New York City.